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The choice to begin counselling is usually a difficult one as we face various issues of life daily. You may be experiencing depression or Anxiety, or know someone who is. Or perhaps you have suffered abuse, loss or bereavement; or have low self-esteem and/or have difficulties in your relationship, or at the workplace. Could it be that you are going through a major life transitions, chronic illness or mental health condition and need a space to air your thoughts with someone rather than the usual chat with a friend or family member.

“… in agency or organisation practice, some kinds of psychological help will be free at the point of access for some clients with some kinds of psychological problems, the interventions offered will be limited in type, timing and location, and will not be available to all ... (Wallace, 2015).

But you might find using a counsellor in private practice beneficial in that you get to choose 

  • your counsellor.
  • the counselling approach based on the counsellor's modality.
  • the location to ensure that it is suitable for you.
  • the number of sessions you require.
  • the time that best suits you.
  • more importantly, private practice offers increased confidentiality as your attendance and mental health issues will not be recorded by the NHS or educational establishments.

Are you …….
● a young person and yet unhappy and struggling to find an identity that you feel it’s yours?
● in a relationship and yet feel lonely or do all your relationships seem to end disastrously? And you wonder if it is you.
● a veteran or just been released from prison and finding it hard to fit into the community?
● a victim of bullying, abuse or neglected as a child or as an adult, and don't have anyone to talk to?
● in the process of divorce or separation, or in desperate need of a good couple counsellor?
● retired, bereaved, feeling lonely and isolated, and you’ve got no one to talk to.
*Why not send an email, text or call for a brief chat to discuss how we can work together.

Do you……..
● hear voices telling you to self-harm or hurt the people around you?
● feel angry all the time and/or wonder if you will ever get over that grief?
● feel low and have been feeling like this for too long?
● or any member of your family suffer from a chronic illness and have a lot off stuff going on such as loss of a job, that begs you to wonder your place in life.