I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist in Person-centred Approach which is an accredited course by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I am also a registered member of the BACP (MBACP), ACC (MACC) & BAATN; and practice, and adhere to the code and ethics of all associations.

Work settings

  • GP Primary Choice
  • St Helena Hospice
  • Mental Health Care Home
  • Private Practice

       Uzochukwu Christian Ilodibe
BA (Hons) Person-Centred Counselling; Diploma in Humanistic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Trauma Informed Approach.

My Approach

My approach to Counselling & Psychotherapy is Pluralistic which is based on Humanistic and Person-Centred approach that centres on the philosophical system or mode of action that promotes the interest, values and dignity of humanity and the promotion of human welfare. This approach draws on a range of methods, values and skills, mainly on the core conditions of congruence, acceptance and empathy; with the aim to understand each of my client's experiences and journey throughout their life-course and how any presented issues might be addressed. Each client's experience is unique, hence, I will work in an empathic, non-directive and non-judgemental way to ensure you get what you need from counselling by openly discussing and making shared decisions with you, with the belief that different clients need different things at different times. This will, in turn, help you understand yourself better and reach a solution or decision to resolve or cope with your situation.

Other Therapeutic Approaches: Other methods of therapy I integratively or pluralisticaly employ:
  • Trauma Informed Approach
  • Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT)
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and
  • Humanistic Approach in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Together we will work towards creating a relationship in which you may take responsibility for yourself and positively value and celebrate your difference or uniqueness. In my experience counselling plays a significant role in both preventing and improving mental health illness and I seek to make a positive contribution in achieving this for you.

What to expect

"Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her community". (WHO, 2018)

Mental health can be characterised into three components namely emotional well-being (happiness, interest in life, & satisfaction), psychological well-being (acceptance of one's own personality and life, managing the responsibilities of daily life, having good relationships with others) and social well-being (positive functioning and contribution to society - social contribution, social integration and social coherence) (Keys, 2015). We face various issues in our daily lives that affects these components which may include workplace-related issues, family or relationship conflicts, loss of normalcy or daily routine (as we can see from the recent COVID-19 pandemic), death of loved ones and so on. Sometimes, we tend to cope with these issues, but sometimes we can't; and we respond to these issues by feeling angry, stressed, depressed, or anxious and these impact on our mental health.

I can't promise to make it all go away but I can help by providing you with a safe space to talk; reflect and be inspired to actualise your potential; empower yourself; improve the quality of your life and relationships; and most importantly, understand and embrace your identity or 'label' to be the best version of yourself.

I have experience in:

  • Loss and/or Bereavement Counselling.
  • Relationship or Couple Counselling.
  • Family Counselling.
  • Adolescent Counselling 11+.
  • Multicultural Counselling.
  • Christian Counselling
  • Working with neurodiverse clients and clients that identify as LGBTQA+

I also have experience in working alongside children and young persons/adults with:




*Traumatised clients

*Relationship Issues

*Anger Management

*Suicidal Ideation & Self-harm

*Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)/Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD)